May This Blog Bring You Happiness

My name is Mary. Straight Edge, Disney, and marine biology is who I am. Contradictory, I know, but it's my lifestyle.
As the title reads, May this blog bring you happiness as it does for me.


Insanely young and unfairly cool—you’re about to fall in love with teen DJ prodigy Martin Garrix » 

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Martin Garrix

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Time to get fat. #HappyEaster #ChristHasRisen #ButNotForChocolate #SorryJesus

I cut my hand open at work Saturday and it’s really small, but it’s sideways like a paper cut and hurts like a lil bitch.

Also I may have gotten blood on the work boxes when I was packing up….but that’s besides the point.



How I greet people



How I greet people

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words to remember (x

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If you’re anti-Christian today and speak out against Christianity on a day that means a lot to us, then you need to get your head checked. You scream for equality everyday for your beliefs, you should be able to at least give us one day of peace to celebrate the day that makes our faith worth it.

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